My vision.

Stepping back and speaking from the heart if I may – I love the CNFT space. I love the friends I have made, the beautiful art that I have, the communities that I am a part of.

I also believe there are fundamental flaws with how projects are introduced and minted that cause people to have a distaste for the space at times. I feel everyone should be able to participate, enjoy, learn and have fun. Many to the tactics people use to build an audience, or market their product tend to lead to a hype bubble that leaves many upset they could not mint. Others unfairly benefit because they have a system that can run Daedalus, or “know a guy”.

I have a dream to take this back to the original roots of what the CNFT space was built on – community. I wanted to create a launch product that had simple, and fun utility (sending to people and laughing at ourselves) to create the community I wanted – people that want to be there.

I also want to create products that bring people together, rather than tear them apart. I want to create a system that people want to be, and stay, a part of for the long term, and have fun along the way. Real utility, and a fair process for all. Enlightenmint here here to bring us together and make us laugh. What I have to share with you for phase two will keep us together, and be fucking fun.

Lastly, I want to create a group of misfit strangers I love hanging out with. I promise you all this is a lot more than a funny token..

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