When is the mint?

Now. The mint was live on the day of the website launch, and is live until otherwise noted on the homepage. If the address is still on the home page, the mint is live.

Are you verified on marketplaces?

We are verified on jpg.store and freeroam.io.

How many nfts are left?

Go to this link to view our policy id on cardanoscan.io. there will be a number at the top next to “total tokens”. Here comes a little math – take 30,000 and subtract the number shown. this is how many tokens are left.

How much are Enlightenmint tokens?

Tokens are 12 ada each. You can mint 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 10, and 20 at a time. The price and address can be found on the home page.

How many tokens are there?

30,000. We wanted to give everyone the opportunity to collect as many as they wanted at a reasonable price point.

Will there ever be more?

No, not under this policy ID. We have a plan for subsequent types of tokens pending the reception of these. The core focus in on bringing our larger projects to our community first.

Is the team doxxed?

¯\_(ツ)_/¯ not yet.

How do i get a refund?

If you feel you deserve a refund, please reach out to us on the “contact us” page explaining your issue. One of the team members will get back to you. Valid reasons for a refund would be the tokens sold out and you got in too late, you sent the wrong amount of ada, or you did not receive tokens within a 48hr period.

Do you guys do partnerships?

No, not with this project. we will in the future on subsequent projects, stay tuned.

Can i get involved in some way?

Not at this time. Be active, be nice, have fun – we watch our socials daily.

What is the utility of Enlightenmint?

The immediate utility is sending the tokens to your friends (or enemies) as little reminders of the mistakes they have made or thanks for the big wins they helped you with.

We also believe in launching finished (or near finished) products. There is additional utility of the tokens that will be made clear at a later point in time. They all already have additional utility – you just don’t know what it is yet.

Why such a low sales price?

This is Cardano. Community means something here and we want everyone from all walks of life to be able to participate in the mint and have fun in our socials. We also want these to be shareable without spending too much.

What are the royalties?

10%. Look, these are 12ada at mint. It also costs us about 4.5 ada to mint one of these. We are not trying to rake you over the coals, but we like to eat as well. We get some people may want to collect our super iconic tokens to relish in all of their glory later on so you may want to buy or sell select tokens on secondary.. but share them, it’s the point. Trade with new or old friends.

What will you do with the funds from mint, and royalties?

Idk, move to the beach. 50% of the mint proceeds go straight towards future projects. we already have our next projects in motion and we like to pay our people on time. We also have to pay out our tech partners, devs, and artists. We have bigger plans that we have been paying out of pocket for to this point.

Royalties will be split amongst the team.

Why are you guys so amazing and probably super handsome and smart?

Born this way.

Will the creators of this project politely fuck off?