Anvil minting

Your path to enlightenmint awaits.


At Enlightenmint we are a bit different. No false promises, no chasing influencers, no worrying about the floor. We value people, strength in community, not taking ourselves too seriously, and sharing in each others successes and failures. Welcome to Enlightenmint – a token full of utility and meant to be shared.

Enlightenmint strives to offer best-in-class products to our community and the entire Cardano ecosystem. Our tokens mint with utility already baked in, and that continues to grow along with the project.

Where am I?

Think of us as a launch platform for some much bigger ideas infused with lighthearted energy and sprinkled with real utility.

Value-driven approach.
Emphasis on community.
Excellence in execution.
No false promises.

What is this…?

The Enlightenmint nft.

Enlightenmint is a 30,000 piece cnft drop comprised of 5 rarities, and tons of unique and iconic phrases from the cardano community. We’ve all made mistakes – sold too early, had the rug pulled, asked “wen mint” when it’s right there in #mint-info dammit… This is a dunce cap honoring those little hiccups. Send the tokens to your friends, or keep the tokens as a reminder to yourself next time you convince someone you’ve found that “real winner”.

On the rare occasion you just want to say thanks to someone, we’ve got you covered. A select few of you will even be lucky enough to achieve enlightenmint.

What others are saying.

Our roadmap.

Our goal here is to create a solid plan we can all get behind.

Ultimately we want to build a strong community that is here to have fun, and not take everything so seriously (including ourselves). We all get so wrapped up in things around us we just forget to be present. We have some awesome products in the works and can’t wait to tell you about them. I personally hope you hang for the ride, make some new friends, and have fun.



q1 2022

Assemble a team of top talent to produce truly unique ideas to the Cardano ecosystem.


early q2 2022

Lift off. Launch of the Enlightenmint tokens and buildout of our social platforms.


q2 2022

Phase 2 launch for Enlightmint and live presentation of the concepts for the balance of the year.


q3 2022

Knowledge hub and dashboard launch for Enlightenmint members with emphasis on analytics.


q3 2022

Welcome to “The Whitelist”. We would love to introduce you to some of our talented friends.


q4 2022

Ahhhhh. That hits the spot.

The disclaimer stuff..

You are minting nfts from the Fresh Mint Group. These nfts are for entertainment purposes. Holding or minting our nfts is not a guarantee of any kind. After purchase we have no control of the value. Holding our nfts grant you access to be a member of our product launch pad for the chance mint future products. Only OG tokens guarantee the ability to mint all future projects.